Fun Facts about Organic Foods

‘Organic’ is a rather odd name since all food is organic, meaning that it’s made from living things. But it seems to have stuck. Organic farming is called ‘biological farming’ in some countries. Then there’s biodynamic farming and permaculture. All these slightly different types or farming are sustainable which is the most important thing to remember. Confusing, isn’t it!

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IFOAM and its Organic Movements

The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) regards any system that is based on the Principles of Organic Agriculture and uses organic methods, as ‘Organic Agriculture’ and any farmer practicing such a system as an ‘organic farmer’. This includes numerous forms of certified and non-certified Organic Agriculture. Guarantee Systems may be for instance third party certification, including group certification, as well as participatory guarantee systems.

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Organic Market – Highlights

“Save the Planet…Buy Organic”

“YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!” Just a few days ago my friend was saying this to me and I made a not-so-witty joke saying “oh really, if you eat a cupcake, then you’re a cupcake?” Ha-ha, she said and made a straight face! Well what she said really does make sense now that I think about it. Imagine, if we eat potatoes all day we would become round and plump like a potato…

(Photo credits: Sahiba Pannu, my high school friend)

(Photo credits: Sahiba Pannu, my high school friend)

Today’s consumer is becoming more and more cognizant about their well-being; the Indian market is offering rising potential for health friendly food segments such as that of organic food. Organic food serves as a promising substitute for the population concerned about the consequences of high amounts of chemical pesticides in food items – both in terms of self – consumption as well as the ill impact on the environment. The affinity of an individual towards consumption of organic food items is highly dependent on the awareness levels, spending capacity and accessibility available to the individual. With growing awareness towards healthy food, increasing income levels, and shifts in consumer behavior, the country’s nascent organic food market is fast transforming into the world’s fastest growing market. In addition, mounting export market coupled with government’s support has propelled the market that will further boost the demand for organic food products in the country.

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