Travel Tips for Health-Conscious Families

I’m sure most parents are concerned about keeping their families healthy. At home, my family and I have specific healthy activities that we engage in regularly. On vacation, it can be challenging to keep up with our healthy habits, but I’ve discovered a few tricks that help us all stay on track.

1. Drink the Water

I always make sure that my family stays properly hydrated. This is especially important on summer vacations that include activities in the hot sun. Drinking enough water can help you avoid certain heat-related issues such as heat stroke. Each member of my family has a personal, refillable water bottle to take along on trips. If we are planning an outing somewhere that might not have a reliable source of water, I’ll bring water in a cooler to take with us.

2. Play on the Water

Water features in many family vacations. It isn’t just a great source of hydration for your body. You can use water sports and recreation to stay fit and active as well. My kids love paddle boating. As a family, we’ve also enjoyed canoeing and kayaking. Boating of almost every kind helps develop muscles and burn calories as you have fun in the sun.

3. Use the Hotel Amenities

Many hotels today offer amenities aimed at helping guests stay fit and healthy. I love booking accommodations at hotels that have running trails for guests to enjoy. I was actually able to book one for our trip to Orlando. With so many places to stay, it’s important to find a resource that helps the process. Some hotels have available bike rentals, which is a great way for the entire family to get some exercise while enjoying the sights of a vacation spot. Hotel gyms provide a way for Mom or Dad to get some exercise in the morning before the kids wake up. My family also likes to use the pool at a hotel for some fun family time in the evenings.

4. Play Together on Land

Every vacation provides a myriad of opportunities for fitness. Get fit as a family by playing active games together. Many local parks offer games such as Frisbee golf, horseshoes or sand volleyball. You can always bring along a football or softball to play catch together. On a trip to the beach, bring some Nerf items to maximize family fun and fitness.

Healthy family vacations help keep everyone happy. You’ll make better memories together when you all feel good. I also find that by keeping to a healthy vacation routine my family has an easier time getting back to life as usual when we get back home.

Blog contributed by Kendra Thornton, Chicago, Illinois

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