Ragi / Finger Millet – A healthy grain

Whoever coined the term “fast food” added a superfluous ‘s’ as it should have been “fat food”.

People today are becoming more and more health conscious. But secretly they love food. The same goes for me. I hate becoming fat, but just the idea of a pizza with melted cheese slowly coming into my mouth, makes me all blushy. But with a myriad of alternatives available like whole-wheat pizza base, or gluten-free pastas and skimmed milk among others, is becoming lesser and lesser unhealthy. They not only fulfill our satisfaction, but also have great nutritional factors like vitamins and minerals and are great for those weight watchers.

Ragi, an annual plant widely grown as a cereal in warm seasons, is an extensively used cereal in India. It is used in various dishes like porridge, ragi muddle, dosas etc.

Ragi offers various health benefits:

  • As a medium of weight loss:
    • Because it is high in fiber, it makes digestion slow keeping the stomach full for a long time, thus avoiding excess eating.
    • It is a good substitute for milk, as it is loaded with calcium. Thus the purpose of drinking milk can be avoided, and hence the intake of calories becomes less. Utilization of Ragi can decrease the dangers of cracks and osteoporosis to a significant degree.
  • It helps in lowering cholesterol.
  • Ragi functions as a relaxant and serves to battle fidgetiness, a sleeping disorder and assists in treating headache cerebral pains.
  • Ragi decreases glucose levels in the blood. It is highly suggested for people with diabetes and it also diminishes absorbability and ingestion.
  • Ragi functions as a great source of protein. It assists in repairing tissues, metabolism and muscle coordination and helps in blood establishment, muscle repair, and bone and skin health.
  • Regular admission of Ragi can avert numerous health conditions for example lack of healthy sustenance, rash ageing and the infrastructure of degenerative maladies. Green Ragi is a solution for pulse, heart shortcoming, liver malady, asthma and absence of milk processing throughout lactation period.




Nutritional Comparison of Ragi and Rice


Blog contributed by Akanksha Khurana, Class XII, New Delhi

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