Ragi / Finger Millet – A healthy grain

Whoever coined the term “fast food” added a superfluous ‘s’ as it should have been “fat food”.

People today are becoming more and more health conscious. But secretly they love food. The same goes for me. I hate becoming fat, but just the idea of a pizza with melted cheese slowly coming into my mouth, makes me all blushy. But with a myriad of alternatives available like whole-wheat pizza base, or gluten-free pastas and skimmed milk among others, is becoming lesser and lesser unhealthy. They not only fulfill our satisfaction, but also have great nutritional factors like vitamins and minerals and are great for those weight watchers.

Ragi, an annual plant widely grown as a cereal in warm seasons, is an extensively used cereal in India. It is used in various dishes like porridge, ragi muddle, dosas etc.

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Travel Tips for Health-Conscious Families

I’m sure most parents are concerned about keeping their families healthy. At home, my family and I have specific healthy activities that we engage in regularly. On vacation, it can be challenging to keep up with our healthy habits, but I’ve discovered a few tricks that help us all stay on track.

1. Drink the Water

I always make sure that my family stays properly hydrated. This is especially important on summer vacations that include activities in the hot sun. Drinking enough water can help you avoid certain heat-related issues such as heat stroke. Each member of my family has a personal, refillable water bottle to take along on trips. If we are planning an outing somewhere that might not have a reliable source of water, I’ll bring water in a cooler to take with us.

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